that moment I touched down

First, one of you kindly emailed me and asked if I had plans to basically resurrect this blog.  I always appreciate questions like this and any interaction with my posts.  I’d love it if you subscribed and then you could get updates as to when I post something.

Will I be posting more in the New Year?

Let’s just take this on a one day at a time basis.

Today, I was driving across town and was in the mood for some Alanis Morisette.  I take this a good sign.  I’ve been stuck with listening to ambient music in my the past few months because I just wasn’t in the mood for much else.

I remember when she came on the scene with the “Jagged Little Pill” album.  I remember the big song, “Ironic,” which ironically contains no real irony in the things she’s supposedly calling ironic.

A black fly in your chardonnay is a nuisance.  But it’s hardly ironic, at least within the context of the song.

But…of course, I have no complaints here and that’s not the reason for my post.  That whole album is iconic–if not ironic–and reminds me of my late 20s like practically nothing else.

It’s the song “Thank You” on her second album, “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie,” that I was drawn to today.  I have always loved this song and it was fun to sing along with it and emulate the attitude she conveys through her singing.

But I was absolutely clueless about this song when it came out.


Today, I’m at a different place.  I GET IT now.

It’s a song about facing your issues.  Processing them and getting more free throughout that process.

I have always been a person who makes things happen.  And I’ve done well with that.  But I do better when I just let go–and trust the process of  life in all its beauty and mystery.

I do better when I just let go and trust that all things are working out for my ultimate good.

That I’m ok.

That what YOU do is not as important as what I do when you do what you do.  That I can really screw things up when I get out of alignment with myself and start to think the fix is out there, when the fix is always, always, always “in here.”

Scott points to his own heart when he says that.

My friend Marty always says something to the effect of “you have to go in to find out.”  What she’s suggesting is that I solve the problems of my life by facing my own issues, being real about where I am and just trusting the process.

These lines crystalize it for me:

“The moment I let go of it….was the moment I got more than I could handle.

The moment I jumped off of it…was the moment I touched down.”

In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s a link to the video.


And have a deep breath on me.

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